What’s a “Burpee”?

If you’ve worked out at PUMP you have surely done a burpee (or at least a modification of one) at least once…and you LOVED it (as much as you love sarcasm)!  A burpee is an exercise combining a squat with a plank (or push-up) and a jump.  Put that  together, and you have an overall […]

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A Little of This, A Little of That

Take Aways from Fad Diets

I  just saw this link today from Good Housekeeping on msn.com about healthy tips you can take from fad diets.  See?  You don’t have to be “all or nothing”, you can pick and choose what works for you!  These are all great tips and you should try to apply them as often as possible.  Enjoy […]

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Exercise is the Best Medicine

Are you tired, achy, stress ridden, or finding yourself under the weather often?  You need to read these exercise tips I came across to help cure what ails you! Click here to start feeling better!

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