“I really look forward to my sessions at Pump. I love how my workouts are designed with constant change and progression to keep my body challenged. John knows exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, and he builds my workouts around my specific goals. I’ve been so pleased with my results that I’ve added a 3rd session each week. Pump truly offers the perfect atmosphere for private training that keeps me consistently motivated.”
From Amy W.

“John Marshall is the best personal trainer!!! He is knowledgeable and provides excellent workouts with fantastic results. I highly recommend him as someone who is committed to helping his clients reach their goals.”
Wrenn T.

“John and his Trainers at Pump Custom Fitness are wonderful. They work with you to find out where you are, where you want to go and how they will do it. They work with your schedule to make it convenient for you. They push you so you can do better and help motivate you, so that you can reach your goal. John is my trainer and love working with him.”
Josh V.

“What a fun energizing experience! John inspires you to be your best and have fun working out.”
Lisa D

“I have been training with Heidi for almost 2 years and she is amazing. I get a wonderful workout adjusted to my needs and strengths and she has pushed me farther than I ever believed I could go. I’ve lost over 24 lbs., cut back or eliminated a lot of my medications and did the Monument Avenue 10K in a personal best yesterday, all thanks to Heidi’s help and encouragement.”
Karen K.

“Working with Heidi got my weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol down! Best thing I ever did was to start training with her. My heart doctor was impressed!”
Richard S.

“Running without cross training is like an accident waiting to happen. Core training is extremely beneficial – not only to prevent injuries, but also to help you be a faster and stronger runner. I don’t have the will power to seriously cross train on my own, but the Core Circuits offered by Pump Custom Fitness make it fun and easy to get the cross training I need to stay strong and healthy. After 6 years, I managed to run a new PR in a marathon, and I could not have done it without the benefits I received from Pump.”
Katherine Zampolin.

“My experience with PUMP has been truly phenomenal. It is the consistency of at least 2 PUMP workouts a week that has given me more strength in my core so that I can handle the intense training for the marathons. As a distance runner currently training for my 2nd Boston Marathon, I feel this is critical to improvement and continued success in reaching my goals. As well, it helps prevent injuries which is something to consider with any training program.”
Kyra Oliver

“Pump Custom Fitness has been such a gift! I wanted to get back into shape after a baby, but I had trouble finding the time and the motivation. What I found was a trainer who met me where I was while at the same time pushing me to do things I didn’t know I could do! Initially, I signed up for a month to test it out and I have been there over six months! I am in better shape than before I was pregnant and loving it!”
Christie Wilson